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Reminder on how to get up and going with bower.js

This is a reminder of how to get up and running with Bower.js. It is intended for people have used it before but just need a quick refresher.

Installing Bower
Step 1: Download node.js (you may likely have it installed already)

Step 2: Install it (globally preferred, locally if you must)
npm install bower -g

Step 3: Create bower.json file using bower itself:
bower init

Step 4 (Optional): Change where bower is stored from bower_component to anything you want. For example, to use js/lib:

1st: creat file called: “.bowerrc”
2nd: The file above should have content like:

"directory": "js/lib"

The only thing you change is “js/lib” if that is not where you want to store your packages

Maintaining packages
Updating a package and update the bower config file(e.g. lodash)
bower install lodash --save

Uninstall a package
bower uninstall lodash

To get specific version
bower install lodash#2.2.1

check for available versions
bower info lodash

update all packages
bower update



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