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ChicagoVeg Website’s Release #2 now in Prod

The ChicagoVeg site: has been updated; with Release #2. The fixes include the follow:

  • Added new carousel images
  • Images now on most pages
  • Made Facebook page plugin responsive
  • Updated text

To see a list of issues addressed, see:✓&q=%20milestone%3A”Release%202″%20

ChicagoVeg is the largest Chicagoland community for vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists to socialize and meet like-minded people. We organize a range of fun activities and educational events in the city and the suburbs. Whether you are vegan or not vegan, we welcome everyone who is interested in a vegan/vegetarian/raw lifestyle for any reason – ethical, environmental, health, or spiritual. We support a nonjudgmental community where everyone can feel welcome to express their opinions, socialize, and have fun!

You can find meetings at:




I am a Developer interested in poking around with Bioinformatics and love Traditional Chinese music. I am based in Chicago, IL USA.

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